Electrical services

Whether you need to fit a new socket, replace overloaded fuses or re-wire your entire home, contact Luca Handyman & Home Improvements for professional and experienced aid! The electricians have been helping people all over London with electrical repairs, smoke alarm installation and an array of other problems for which you need the assistance of a skilled electrical engineer. 

Jobs include but are not limited to:

- install and replace light fittings, dimmer switches and modules replacement , preparing new lighting points, investigate and repair lighting faults, fuse box replacement

- switches, sockets and transformers installation

- doorbell installation

- smoke alarm installation

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All prices are labour only and materials or other additional expenses are not included.

*Shopping time for all requested materials and supplies will be added on top of the service price. One hour shopping time is charged at £35. The cost of the purchased materials will be added to your final service price.

*Charge only for the initial hour of the service. The price for the 1st hour is formed from the price of the first half hour + the price for subsequent half hours.